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Jeong Jinwoon Main Cast. Yoon So Hee Main Cast. Park Joon Gyu Supporting Cast.


Kim Young Ok Supporting Cast. Kim Kap Soo Supporting Cast. Im Ye Jin Supporting Cast. Choi Hyun Supporting Cast. Lee Bo Hee Supporting Cast. Huh Jung Min Supporting Cast. Kim Hae Sook Supporting Cast.

Marriage Not Dating Episode 9 All Kiss Scenes Cut

We know that HyunHee plied him with drinks until he was too wasted to be able to really consent to what he was doing but he wasn't paying enough attention at the time to realize that she wasn't drinking so I suspect that he believes that this pregnancy is the result of a mutual indiscretion, made worse by the fact that she keeps acting like she has genuine feelings for him so he believes that she really cares about him. If you look at it from that POV that he was just using spending time with her as a distraction from the stuff that went down with Jangmi, that he likes playing around but certainly wasn't serious about her and the fact that she's now pregnant because of one 'mistake' and not even as a result of a long term relationship AND the fact that she assumed he wouldn't step up and gave him an out at the temple , HoonDong probably thinks that this is the honorable way to deal with the situation.

We know that HH is manipulative and a big fat liar but he probably views her as a naive, idealistic girl who ended up in a less than ideal situation so his reaction to this development makes sense to me. That being said, I don't think this wedding is going to go off judging by the fact that HyunHee is still acting shady and that she basically admitted in this episode that she was looking to marry up now when she's still young and beautiful so that she won't be stuck poor and working at that department store forever.

And by the fact that HoonDong's mother is intent on making her life hell and breaking her before they can reach the wedding day. That being said, I also would have liked them to handle this situation differently but I think this plot line would always be un satisfying simply because HH is a terribly written, confusing character.

While watching this episode, I couldn't figure out if the writers wanted us to honestly sympathize with her or hate her for essentially trapping HoonDong in a despicable way. If she had clearer motives, we would know. In my opinion, Hyeon Hee is a brilliantly written confusing character.

I think the writer has a very clear idea of who Hyeon Hee is and is doing a great job of showing that. Hyeon Hee is crafty and pragmatic, and she's already said straight out that she's not that nice of a person, despite outward appearances. Whether a viewer chooses to be sympathetic or disgusted or impressed by her cunning is up to them.

I think she is much better and more intriguing that dramaland female villains who might as well have shown up in their very first scenes wearing a sign around their necks that said "I am a bad person. I am here to cause trouble. You should not like me. Omg, thank you for writing this. I was too lazy to put it into words, but that is exactly how I feel about Hyun-hee.

I also think that the writers are purposefully withholding showing us what makes her tick and, I have to say, I kind of like it. It's a bold choice, one that's hard to pull off simply because with a character like Hyun-hee it's understandable that some people might just stop caring at a certain point.

But I find her fascinating for some reason, and want to know what led her to make the choices she's made. I think we may get more of that anger once HD oma starts the wedding prep. I hope he finds out he really can't marry her or that she lied about everything just to land a rich husband.. It was touching seeing Jang-mi make real progress breaking down Ki-tae and his mom's emotional walls. Also Ki-tae's expressions are just too hilarious and he and Jang-mi are ridiculously cute.

That hug at the end was so heartbreaking, he seemed almost childlike in the way he clung to her. Next week feels so far away! Ohh maan I wanna go deeper into the fortune teller scene..

Marriage not dating ep 13 preview eng

Yes, I absolutely loved loved the shaman scene. The shaman nailed their relationship and was onto their scam. Also adored how the shaman reversed their gifts - Jangmi is rich in her life energy and great love for everyone, whereas Ki Tae is not only poverty stricken of good will he is so tamped down but could bankrupt those around him - basically a black hole draining off energy.

The whole yes very fantastic had me stopping the screen cause I was jus dying and didn't want to miss any parts.. I'm trying to suspend disbelief for this show but I'm sorry, how does mom think GiTae will be happy by forcing him into a marriage he doesn't want with someone he doesn't love - logic much? And has no one walked by a person riding a bike in Korea? It's not like a tiger is about to pounce on you - this is seriously one of the worst drama ploys for closeness I was done with this ruse 4 episodes ago - writers need some new ideas I thought the bike scenes were funny because the drama purposefully showed the typical way the trope would go down with Jang-mi and Yeo-reum and then hilariously turned it on it's head during the scene between our two leads, by having the girl save the guy instead.

It was cute and funny. Also, I'm pretty sure they're not back to pretending again.

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The grandma found out and the ruse is up. The bike scenes seem purposely done to show how the tides have change with the emotions and the cliche that comes with it.. The bike scene reminded me of the times she gave him a piggy back ride. Usually it is the guy who gives the girl the piggy back ride and usually it is the guy who saves the girl from the bike, but with JM and KT it is reversed.

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Twice she has given him piggy back rides and the now she saves him from the bike. It is so nice how she is always looking out for him. I was all in on the oppa ship right from the very beginning but I see where u coming from since it was like Edward vs Jacob war.. I have YET to catch the last two episodes of reply 94!

I was bummed to learn elsewhere that Chilbongie did not get the girl; that she chose Trash instead. Added to that, the hearsay that Chilbongie was also screwed by the writer. So the last two episodes remain on my hard disk, unwatched. As for Gi Tae's mom, that woman does not have my sympathy. Added to that, the hearsay that Chilbongie's story was also screwed by the writer.

She even had the gall to put on a ring she knew was intended for her husband's mistress and was humiliating towards JM's mom. True, no woman deserves to be cheated upon, but she was complicit in her husband's misdeeds by her desire of projecting a happy facade. And yes, Gi Tae's lack of affirmative action, by deeds or words, in developing his relationship with Jang Mi is starting to amusingly annoying me: I personally think this episode has kicked me hard right back into the love camp.

I was also befuddled and somewhat dismayed by last episode, especially with the whole Se-Ah's "Get Ki-tae into bed no matter how" scheme and Yoo-reum being so needy he gets even needier in this episode, darn. There are just so much to gush over in this episode.

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Marriage not dating ep 9 eng sub gooddrama

That last scene between Mom and Jang-mi more than just makes up for last episode's drag. It's so touching, and it shows us the Jang-mi we've always known and cheered for. I dare say that this is the most touching and emotional and heartfelt we've gotten to see her. And Mom earns a lot of points for finally, finally showing us her real emotions. That she's not just a heartless typical makjang mother-in-laws. I had a hunch back then in the first episodes that Mom is not who she tries to make everyone think she is.

But she continually proved me wrong by being the obnoxious one-dimensional evil witch that I thought she was. Hopefully, hopefully, we'll get to see more of this side of Mom, because I freaking love it. The more Mom shows her real side, I think it'd be the faster and easier for Ki-tae to show his true feelings, because by now it's already bursting at the seams. The one thing I still want to applaud this show for, every now and then, is how they manage to make us laugh, pee in pants and all, but still able to make us swoon and cry at the same time.

Yeon Woo-jin always kills it with his expressions and adorable charm. And is it just me or is Han-Groo getting prettier and prettier? I know she's beautiful but there's just something about her in this episode that makes her look so much, sweeter.

Especially in that scene where she saves Ki-tae from the cupid cyclist, man I bet any man would be dying to kiss her if they were to be put in Ki-tae's position. Come on, drama, bring it on. I breathe and live basically on you, show. And thanks LollyPip for the recap! I loved this episode. I kept refreshing waiting for the recap! It was so good - it gave me all the things I wanted - forward moment of feelings on Jang Mi's front, honest conversation between the leads and more humanization of the characters!

And we still got some humour with the fortune teller scene and HD and YR's kiss.

Marriage not dating ep 13 preview eng | Macromex

OMG, the scene where Ki Tae tells Jang Mi about the ring and he finishes by saying that he learned that you don't let things out like your feelings or the truth with that single tear falling. You could see all the pain and sorrow and HURT on his face. He seemed like a child again.