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I am an adult ESL teacher, but I also have glue, glitter, scissors, giant bags full of supplies. I could imagine those creative things inside your bag! I will share this though: In my enormously huge teacher bag with the bottle of water and box of colored markers, there is a tiny compartment that contains a mirrored compact and, yes, lip gloss.

May you go far. I have taught eighth graders for 25 years and have loved every minute of it and would not trade it for any other grade — not elementary, not high school. Keep up the good work Ashley, they will soon be mine for a short time. Never know-maybe my sons will marry a teacher!! I taught for 20 years so this made me smile.

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I really loved this whole story. I hope every teacher reads this story and be able to relate to it. Keep writing and thank you for sharing this story. Your comment is so touching! I do enjoy the manner in which you have presented this concern and it really does present me a lot of fodder for thought. Nonetheless, from everything that I have witnessed, I simply just hope when the actual opinions stack on that folks stay on point and not embark on a tirade of the news of the day. Yet, thank you for this exceptional piece and although I can not concur with it in totality, I regard the standpoint.

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  • I like this web site so much, bookmarked. Some really good info , Sword lily I found this. Love, love, love this…!!!!!!

    I logged in via facebook, allowed Worpress to access my personal info and all drama that entails, just to say that this is amazing! Most caring women I have ever met.

    About the Author

    Awww… That is so sweet of you. Thank you so much for posting this it is beautiful i was juts wondering if i would be able to review this post of my blog. I love this post! I am an elementary school teacher and have been in the classrooms for 17 years! After you read this blog, then we can talk. I understand that this was supposed to be cute and inspiring, but within the subtext I actually found to be rather devaluing to female teachers. Guys should date teachers because apparently they will receive the benefits that….

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    Teachers have amazing strength of character and courage; they are in one of the hardest customer service jobs in the world. Why does the guy deserve to date a teacher? Be making your horrible weeks better with inventive dates and doing things you like to do if your limited time with one another. He should be the considerate one, as you probably have a much harder job than he does. You should write a list of why you are so wonderful if anything, rather than how you will make good wives and mothers.

    You make some interesting points.

    Caring, strong, and compassionate individuals. I do not think that in any way she intended to sell teachers short. And hopefully others will see those characteristics as something that they would want in a partner or spouse.

    Tips on Dating Your Child's Teacher

    She has the best comment on this page—I scrolled all the way down just hoping to find one like hers. It only counts if the person dating the teacher is just as caring etc. I really have to agree here. I am sure the OP is a great teacher, but I find that their values on what a woman should be are a little twisted. I am a teacher and I do not want kids of my own, I do not want my man to sit and fart in front of me all the time because it gets gross after hearing and smelling it all day.

    This poster needs to think higher of herself not as a teacher, but as a woman. She needs to think better of women as a whole. Your intentions were good, hon, but the end result is truly very insulting to those of us who have a life outside of the school we work at. Just so you know: Setting boundaries is a good thing, particularly when it comes to choosing someone to be in your life. I feel so bad for the OP that this is what she thinks of other women.

    This is an offense to all of us, high school teachers. Are we not good enough? Only those teaching little kids count?? And speaking as someone who taught kinder at first, then moved up to 8th grade science… 8th grade science is way more challenging. Sorry to burst your bubble. You have way more kids and way more stress with standardized testing hanging over your head….

    I teach 5th grade with all of the lovely common core standards, standardized tests, homework requirements, benchmark assessments, math and ELA modules, and the wonderful adolescent behaviors. My own children loved preschool because of the caring, dedicated teachers. Kudos to you early childhood teachers out there. PS…I also love expensive purses. Just bought one last week. The sense of entitlement, as well, borders on gag-inducing. To be fair, as someone studying to teach high school, I have the hardest time engaging in conversation with classmates studying to teach elementary. I hope you can teach your students not to be so judgemental.

    Well, what a pretty way to start my day.

    19 Undeniable Signs You’re Dating A Teacher

    This is perfect but…. I know many teachers who love expensive pocketbooks, myself included.

    Family Guy - Brian dates Stewies hot teacher

    I thought that until I became the director of a preschool. It only appears easy when exceptional, patient, good-natured, talented teachers have perfected their craft and make teaching look easy. The truth of the matter is, that of all the ages and grade levels I have taught in my 25 years as an educator, from 8th grade to preschool, the preschool teachers I work with currently are the hardest working, most invested, passionate teachers I have ever met.

    Anyone who feels they have it easy should walk in their shoes for just one day and then speak about the matter. After an hour you will change your tune. If you know a toddler — think about that child, multiply by 15 and enjoy thinking about teaching all at once. FYI — in preschool there certainly are standards to follow, evaluations to perform and write, observations to conduct, reports to write and loads of meetings to attend with colleagues and parents and phone calls, emails and notes to respond to. The bit about the XL bags is spot on!

    We also tend to have many bags, all filled and being used all at once! Thank you for those wonderful insights! I have to say preschool and kindergarten teachers are my heroes. I teach second grade and there is no way I could accomplish half of what I do without amazing people laying a strong foundation for students to build on when they get to me. Pretty sure There is not a shortage of girl teachers That are not being dated Men like yall.

    Ex dating our Preschool Teacher - Relationships - Wevorce Community

    I am a woman who teaches. Yes, date a girl who teaches and treat her like royalty. Love love love this!

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    • Thank you for dropping a message! It was nice of your wife to recommend to read my post. Glad that you liked it! The post reminds me so much about my fiance and I am very thankful that I have her. I teach very young children and this is so accurate! Especially telling your boyfriend stories about children, farting in front of her, and especially, naming your children. Just certain names you know you will never name your own kids. So many things you see and expierence that will help in parenting! Reblogged this on The Chef Librarian and commented: Oh gosh this was perfect!! I am a teacher and related to everything you said.

      Thank you for browsing through my blog. May you continue to enjoy being a teacher! Good thing nakita ko sa fb through my blockmate haha! Nice to see you here! May you continue to touch the lives of your students! I agree with everything. The tote bag, wet wipes, etc. I am also quite subjective when it comes to my fellow educators after because I know the challenge of the job!